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vision statement

The vision of Granny’s Conversations,® LLC is to visually touch the soul of a person through the written word.  Our goal is to revive compassion and encouragement through personal, yet thought provoking greeting cards, where the recipient feels as though someone has intuition into

the emotion behind
their silent tears.

No One Gives Advice Quite Like Granny!

Let’s take a journey back in time to the first place you found comfort through words, Granny’s kitchen table.


Whether you came to cry, laugh or just receive a little bit of wisdom, your Granny was always there.  If you just came to sit, you were always encouraged to eat a little something too.


The meaning behind Granny’s Conversations,® LLC is to provide life-saving messages on coffee stained recipe cards to give you the feeling that you are receiving encouragement from your Granny.


We hope you cherish these cards as much as we cherish those unforgettable conversations!


About the Founder

Granny’s Conversations,® LLC was born after ten years in the field of Graphic Design.  I decided it was time to embark on a journey that combined my first passion, poetry, along with my love for design to save lives.  In a world where we are constantly weighed down with depressing news stories, family issues, health issues and economic woes, just to name a few, we have an urgency for encouragement.


Although technology has allowed us to achieve the impossible, along the way it has caused us to loose sight of the simplicity and comfort received through the written word.  A personal note from a loved one has a way of slowing us down to remember what our hearts truly need to make it just one more day!

Janine Maryland Owner and Founder
Each message is a poem from my heart with 
the hope of saving a life through the written word. 
Please cherish this piece of my heart..